[WFRP] Character Profiles: Allyssa

Common Knowledge About Allyssa

Height: 5'6"   Weight: 111   Hair: Silver   Eyes: Blue

As told by townfolk
She is an elf who suddenly came into town and bought the house of the resident Herbalist, who nobody knew wanted to move.  She has an elf apprentice and a human apprentice (Razmar).

As told by Razmar, early in his apprenticeship before he started going silent when questioned about her:
Alyssa, an attractive Elven female, came to his hometown and hired Razmar (she was looking for "a healthy young lad with potential") as an apprentice. She really didn't seem all too interested in Magick, though, only thinking to teach him anything when he reminded her. She more or less just seemed to have wanted a personal helper, though she taught him things that go just beyond house slave.

Allyssa was not too bad to work for (though that opinion may change depending on the work she is having him do). She usually just wanted someone to do mundane chores. She didn't often eat with Razmar, but never complained about the quality of his cooking (even that one time when he was trying to prepare something new and exciting that ended up tasting awful and making him sick. She ate her entire share, not complaining about a single thing, and even complimented him on a fine meal).

Razmar has seen Allyssa retire to her room, but has never actually seen her asleep. She kept her bedroom very personal and very off-limits. She didn't even let him in to clean it.

Razmar has seen proof of mighty magicks from her (like all the earth that was cleanly and quickly excavated from under the house in Hobbly to make room for 'workshops'), but has not seen her perform anything spectacular in front of his very eyes.

Allyssa seems independently wealthy, though Razmar never saw her work a day in her life (yet). Shortly after she hired him, she said she was taking a vacation and they ended up in Hobbly.

Allyssa has no friends that Razmar knows of, though she did meet up with someone in Razmar's hometown before she left (Razmar was not invited on that excursion).

Allyssa did not offer where she is from or what she does for a profession, and Razmar didn't ask. She payed him some spending money, kept him busy, gave him a good home, and even taught him some magick and other skills every once in a while.

GM's Information

Allyssa was a D&D character of mine from a game when the DM let us look through the Monstrous Manuals and choose to be any creature we wanted. I chose a weredragon. The game didn't last too many sittings, yet I liked my character. So I converted her to Warhammer and used her as an NPC.

She is rather Elminster-like, so a GM should be fair, honest, and judicious about using her. I've found that it has been helpful to give her a personal goal that keeps her out of the affairs of most adventurers...unless she's backing the group's expedition.


Name: Allyssa   Race: WereDragon   Gender: Female   Career Class: N/A
Age: 25/700 (Very Old)   Height: 5'6"   Weight: 111   Hair: Silver   Eyes: Blue
Discription: Dragon--Body 43', Tail 38', Shoulder 20', Iridescent blue and silver in hue.
Current Career: N/A   Alignment: N

Elf M 4 WS 75 BS 65 S 4 T 10 W 52 I 90 A 3 Dex 65 Ld 70 Int 90 Cl 65 WP 75 Fel 90
Dragon M 6 WS 73 BS - S 6 T 15 W 72 I 45 A 3 Dex 14 Ld 33 Int 89 Cl 94 WP 98 Fel 26

Bite: S 13
Tail: S 10
Breath: S7+2d6

Skills: Infravision, Read/Write, Etiquette, Swimming, Specialist Weapon-2 Handed, Languages-Magick, Old Slann, Arcane Dwarf, Arcane Elf, Classical, Dodge Blow-2, Evaluate, Game Hunting, History, Magical Awareness, Meditation, Mining, Scroll Lore, Seduction, True Sight, Tongues, Cast Spells-Arcane Magick 1-4, Night Vision, Dancing, Singing, Ambidextrous, Acute Smell, Bribery, Charm, Chemistry, Consume Alcohol, Disarm, Dowsing, Follow Trail, Haggle, Identify Magical Artifact, Magic Sense, Metallurgy, Rune Lore, Speaks-Dwarvish, Elvish, ID Plants, Herb Lore, Mould Lore, Identify Undead.

Special Rules: Light or Darkness spell 1/hour, Feather Fall 2/day, Blink 2/day, Invulnerability to Arrows 1/day, Teleport 1/day, Immune to Electricity, Immune to Venoms and Toxins, Heal 1/day, Wall of Force 2/day, Reverse Gravity 1/day

Trappings: Various hand weapons, potions, scrolls as determined by GM. House. Apprentices. Magical Items: Allyssa's Extra Eyes.

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