Day 25: Favorite D&D Magic Item

(Yes, I skipped day 23 and 24. I didn't have anything to say about those topics. I did post other stuff on those days, though, so it wasn't a complete washout)

I have a couple listings for favorite magic item day. The first magic item that I remember having a lot of fun with was a helmet of ramming. I had a dwarf that wore it and charged everything head-down. He wasn't quite right in the head, to use a phrase.

The magic item I've had a lot of fun with as a DM is a magic axe I created called Gorlandor. Unfortunately for Gorlandor's wielder, his conscience has been melded into the axe when he was killed by a Flame Strike. Now the axe goes by either the name Gorlandor or Zorr (the character's name). It now also has the power of a Heat Metal spell if someone other than a worthy dwarf hero (or hero-to-be) picks it up.

I should really update Gorlandor's listing.

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