Day 22: Favorite Overall D&D Monster

Dragons are my favorite monster overall. I know the name of the game is Dungeons & Dragons, but players don't get to see many dragons in my game. This is because dragons are extremely deadly in my game. I can appreciate those who use various sizes/ages and colors of dragons that allow their players to often slay them, but I like dragons to be large and menacing.

Of course, allowing them to find some smaller dragons and get a little cocky fighting them would be a good ploy...

Beat that dragon


Anonymous said…
I don't like the idea of "easy" dragon fights either, so I tend to shy away from using younger dragons. I think they may be more appropriate in a campaign setting where dragons were much more common than they tend to be in my games. However, after reading several entries about dragons, and how a lot of people use them sparingly or regret not using them more (I do), it may be time for me to consider a setting where dragons are more common.
Roger said…
I've been thinking along that line, too. I need weaker dragons or the party will never be strong enough to defeat them.

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