[WFRP] Fate Intervened: Revoltac

I got a fate point from the party's dwarf soldier the first night of the Doomstones campaign. It was due to a particularly powerful tail whip from a beastman which resulted in extra damage.

I like to make fate points spectacular, but not over the top. Instead of cutting off the dwarf's head (which was the roll on the critical hit chart), the dwarf ducked and the whip cut off the head of the beastman that was fighting by this one's side against the dwarf.

The description of the critical hit had the head roll in a random direction 10 feet away. By actual coincidence, there was another beastman in that location who was running away for reinforcements. I had the rolling head take it out at the back of the knees. The beast fell, striking its head in a sickening, bloody mess and dying.

I don't think that's over the top. Over the top would be collapsing the whole cave on the head of all 10 beastmen present and the party surviving, miraculously unhurt.

What do you think?

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