[WFRP] Acquisitions Unlimited Roster

The current roster of the Warhammer adventuring team Acquisitions Unlimited now includes:

Primary: Alban MacDuff, Human Bodyguard of Professor Brumbleburr
Secondary: Professor Bartholomew Brumbleburr II, Halfling Archaeologist (Tomb Robber) turned Tunnel Fighter.

Primary: Ryan the Human Entertainer (Knife Thrower)
Secondary: Ce'fana the Elf Entertainer (Knife Thrower)

Primary: Meliot Took, Halfling Hypnotist
Secondary: Greedo Baker, Human Bounty Hunter

Primary: Revoltac, Dwarf Soldier
Secondary: Gundral Anders, Dwarf Squire

Primary: Jorge the Human Physician Student
Secondary: Boris the Human Wizard Apprentice

Now if I could only find some decent pictures for the NPCs...

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