Magic Axe: Gorlandor

More on the magical weapon I created for our D&D 2e game:

Forged by Regor Nikful, Dwarven Forgemaster, in dwarven centuries long gone, Gorlandor is a sentient blade which awaits a bloodthirsty follower of Tempus to awaken it.

The axe’s metal haft has Regor’s personal rune engraved into it.

When handled by a non-specialty priest of Tempus, the weapon is dull and heavy. It could be lost in the bowels of a dwarven treasure room for ages if not touched by the proper hands. In the hand of a Battleguard, the axe is perfectly balanced. Any such priest cleaning the weapon will uncover a shine to dull other magical weapons.

This particular axe was found by Zorr Granitecleaver, a newly appointed Battleguard. When it came time for Zorr to head out into the world to propagate Tempus’s truth, the elders suggested that he take the axe with him.

Currently unknown to Zorr is the sentience sleeping within. Soon the dwarf will face a threat that the axe deems worth to wake from its sleep to challenge in deadly melee. Also currently unknown to Zorr is the Ancient Dwarven language that the axe speaks…

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