Alternate D&D Setting: Were-Priests

A while back I posted about my friend's home-brewed world for D&D 2e. I have some of his notes. Here's the write up on the were-priests:

History of the Were-priests

After the great rebellion, the ex-slaves frantically sought means to keep the Dragon Lords at bay. One faction of humans thought that only through a strict militant state would they hope to hold off the hordes of the Dragons. Another faction sought to reclaim the might of human magic and a reassertion with their ancient gods. Finally this faction split also into Mage and Priest classes. Few sects of priests remain for they felt a call from their gods to go to a distant land and many followed their gods fearing to lose them once more. The largest sect to remain was the were-priests, men and women who changed form at will as well as call upon the animals of the wild. The Were-Priests have many sects within their religion; the largest of these are those of Bear, Wolf, Eagle, Rat, Crow, and Stag. Though there are many more sects these are the most numerous. It is not counted among them to be less if an adherent does not fit into one of the more powerful groups, for one’s sect is not chosen by the follower but by their god. Their god gives them a spirit guide in a spirit form and they are only able to change into that form.

Sects: Bear, Wolf, Eagle, Rat, Crow, Stag, Panther, Lion, Cougar/Mountain Lion, Vulture, Fish-Various (merfolk), Shark (merfolk), Seal, Sloth, Squirrel, Coyote, Dog (Dom.) Horse, Goat (Satyr).

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