Alternate D&D Setting: Elves

A while back I posted about my friend's home-brewed world for D&D 2e. I have some of his notes. It's about time for the write up on elves:

(I'm trying to get him to give me a name for this world, making tagging and finding these posts easier...)


The Elven Kingdom has no name. It’s largest “city” is called Aveneliest. The Elves searched for their past for many years, and have since cultivated a large forest of the greatest trees seen in the known world. The Elves have become a peaceful and fanciful race. They commune with nature. It is said that they have regained their contact with the lost faerie kin as well as the power Sylphs of Wood, Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth. An Elf will only fight in self defense or if someone is harming nature and the natural balance of things.

(Note: Another commonly held myth is that Elves will go berserk if they see a living being’s freedom being restrained. This is usually scoffed at by most scholars.)

Elven subraces (only three)

  1. “High” Elves or Gold Elves: Most have bright golden hair and azure eyes. A few are born with brown hair. These Elves occupy the Hidden Cities of the Elven kingdom. No outsiders are allowed within their sacred forests. The only trade is by Elven traders. They all have some inherent magical abilities. They will not fight any non-evil beings unless the being is harming the Elves’ forests.
  2. Sylvan/Wood/Wild Elves: These elves mostly have brown hair and either lavender or brown eyes. They also have a more muscular build. They wear distinctive “tattoos” like a mask over their eyes and other “blotches” all over their bodies to more easily blend into the forest. They are the primary fighting force of the Elven kingdom. Whenever an intruder enters Elven lands, he/she is immediately confronted by on Sylvan Elf. The intruder is told to turn around and leave. At any hostile movement, the intruder is immediately surrounded by at least 10:1 odds of Sylvan Elves. There are three “classes” within Sylvan society. The Tree Singers are akin to priests in any other society. The common elves all have some weapon training, but they mainly care for the land around them. The third class is the War Dancers. These fierce warriors can kill with just hands and feet (and just about any other body part). Their preferred weapon is a spear, which they use with devastating efficiency.
  3. Ice Elves: Tall elves with white, almost blueish, hair. Very pale of skin. These are the most reclusive of elves. Living in the high passes of the northern mountains, they are masters of sorcery. There are no human records as to their lives or society; the other elves have not revealed their secrets to the other races. They are rarely seen outside of the mountains and even if one were to catch sight of one it would most likely only be fleeting glance at best.

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