Alternate D&D Setting: Humans

A while back I posted about my friend's home-brewed world for D&D 2e. I have some of his notes. Here's the write up on humans:

(I'm trying to get him to give me a name for this world, making tagging and finding these posts easier...)

The humans developed two main kingdoms. The western one is an entirely militant type of state, for they are constantly fighting the forces of various Wyrm Lords. These people are called Wolgarians. They have an elite knighthood of Drassnor riders. A Drassnor is a dragon-like creature, only a mammal instead of a lizard (Note: to know more, ask the DM).

The eastern kingdom is a place of learning and merchantry and is called Vaselhof. Vasalviars (as they like to be called) are ruled by a conclave of wizards and sorceresses. Vaselhof is the land the Dragon Lords truly fear for they have not learned yet how to counter the devastating power of human magi.

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