Verdendrage Race: Draks

A while back I posted about my friend's home-brewed world for D&D 2e. I have some of his notes. A comprehensive page can be found under the blog banner.

Draks are humanoid dragon men. They are the “cannon fodder” and menial labor for the Wyrm Lords.


  • 5’-7’ tall when slouched (which is their normal). 
  • Height 6’-8’ when standing straight. 
  • Weight 250 – 400 lbs. 
  • Intelligence 3. 
  • Heavily scaled. 
  • Wear only a rough loin cloth (too stupid for anything else) 
  • Have small lumps on back, vestiges of wings. 
  • Created by the Great Wyrm Tinganol the Red who was trying to copy the Drakoons of the Great Wyrm Graypeart the Silver.

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