Verdendrage Race: Drakoons

Drakoons are the generals of the hordes of Draks, which the Great Wyrm Lords use against each other and against human kind.

  • 7-9’ tall, 500 lbs 
  • Fully developed wings capable of sustained flight for 4-6 hours. 
  • Above average intelligence, by human standards (16-19), but they cannot learn spells. 
  • Imbued with strong mental abilities, both telekinesis and telepathy. With the telekinesis they can lift weights of 100 – 600 lbs, but cannot manipulate small objects. 
  • Can automatically control any creature of intelligence 4 or less. Cannot control a creature of higher intelligence than itself, and cannot control 5 creatures at a time…without magical aid. 
  • A Talisman of Shaka’nur expands their telepathic control of creatures 100-fold, which is up to 500 creatures, each of which must have Int 6 or less.

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