[WFRP 3e] The Winds of Change Part 1

I'm sure everyone's wondering how a blind PC manages in Warhammer. Don't let me hold up your curiosity any longer.

Sister Sonja is, literally, a blind zealot of Sigmar. She has a robe, a quarterstaff, and, at times, a caustic personality.

Stedi - Dwarf Boatman

Notable Zealotry:
The party's boat ran aground in Grunburg. A little girl was very kindly giving us some information and offered to take us to a location of interest...for a small fee. Sis. Sonja berated the 7 year old girl for trying to extort money from the faithful of Sigmar.

This place of interest was a bookstore where our prey had visited on his way through town. The store had the "stench of chaos," and Sis. Sonja insisted it be burned to the ground after they had gotten all the information they could from the place.

In Altdorf, the party met a dwarf windbag whose conspiracy theories never ended. She was about to tell the diminutive what she thought of him when her companion quickly led her away.

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