[PortCon] The Dionysian Gambit (Serenity RPG)

The Dionysius, the most luxurious space liner in the 'verse, is hosting the annual High Stakes Poker Tournament. The upper crust of Alliance society will be there to wager their winnings and hope for a chance to win 10 million credits! It sounds almost too good to be true. But with that much scratch at stake, somethin's bound ta go wrong....

Mr Gresham, an aristocrat who deals in antiquities. A competitor has been undercutting his business, and Mr Gresham severely needs this prize money to fund a new expedition. His poker ain't so great, but his connections to high society are outstanding.

My Companions
A registered companion, thinking about retirement
A professional poker champion who thinks he's high society
An ex police officer turned ship security
A pilot posing as part of the crew
A lady farmhand who was naive as all get out but could take any of us in a fight
An almost invisible drifter with his own agenda
A heroin junky looking to score big

My biggest surprise with this game was that the GM actually wanted us to play Texas Hold 'em Poker, a game I know nothing and care nothing about. He gave us certain advantages due to our skills (reading other players, bluffing other players, intimidating other players). However, in the end, the majority of the time slot was spent playing a few rounds of poker, first against NPCs and then against each other.

Since I don't really care about Texas Hold 'em, I did whatever I could with the plot outside of the card game. I used my powerful contacts to try to dig up some dirt on this other antiquities dealer who keeps undercutting me. I was sure something shady was going on, and I wanted him exposed so my business would come back.

I also decided to make a few deals with some affluent spectators when I wasn't at the poker table playing. I got a couple financiers for a mine excavation that I know is a sure thing. Even if the poker game fell through, I was set for the near future.

It turns out that other players at the table had plans to steal the prize money and get away. Well, they accomplished their underhanded doings. The prize money was stolen, and three of us were given 1 million credits in consolation/insurance fees for the guaranteed money.

Naturally, in my mind I'm the one who won the tournament. The only other people still in the game when the lights went out and the money was stolen were either cheating, a layabout druggie, and an uneducated farmgirl.

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