[A&A] New Race: Satyr

A Satyr is a humanoid that is half human and half goat. They are naïve and curious in most aspects of life. They are also a randy race, often caring for little more than the pleasures they can get out of life. These pleasures include wine, shapely nymphs or other enticing humanoids, and a soft place to sleep. Their whimsical nature is particularly difficult to control. Instead a satyr needs to be focused onto a task at hand, usually by an outside party.

A satyr has the head, body, and arms of a human, but the lower extremities of a goat. They usually have small horns poking out of a head of unruly hair. The hind legs are powerful, giving them bonuses in running and leaping. Most satyrs are vegetarians who balk at the thought of killing another living creature. In extreme situations, however, one does what one must no matter how distasteful.

The running bonus gives the satyr +4 to dexterity for the purpose of calculating encumbrance and speed rates (pg 32). Furthermore, a satyr who is able to start at a sprint may leap an amount of feet equal to its dexterity score. Without a running start, a satyr can jump ½ dexterity in feet.

Innocence, naivety, and general friendly demeanor give the satyr bonuses to NPC favors and reaction rolls. For these rolls, use 4d6 and keep the best 3 results.

Type: Barbarian
Vision: Normal
Hit Dice: d6

Blast: 11
Death: 15
Paralysis: 16
Poisons: 12
Reflex: 11
Spell: 15

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