[WFRP 3e] Eye for an Eye Conclusion

(Previously in Eye for an Eye)

From Bruno the kennel master:

"I was walkin' the hounds around the perimeter, 'cause they was all antsy 'n stuff, when this large, red beast with wings falls down off the roof to land at meh feet. One of them new porters, that dwarf fella, was on top o' the creature gettin' ready to whack 'em with Korden's hammer. I don't know how he gots the hamer; all them dwarf doin's are beyond me ken.

"Anyway, these two falls down at meh feet from the roof, and what can I do but whack at the thing wit meh sword? I gives the creature a good ol' poke wit the business end, and it stops movin'. Next thing I know, it's all "congrats, hero!" I'm jus tryin' to start a water brigade to put out the wall the beastmen got burnin'

"I don't need none of this "hero" stuff. I got dogs what need takin' care of now that the hullabaloo's over."

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