More Than Just Snakes

I'm starting to think I should have more than just snake people in the South Lands of my Warhammer game. Maybe I should use Lamia and Lammasu of various types, just as it was suggested I use various types of snakes as various races. These creatures fit very well into the barren, desert landscape. And they don't get used much elsewhere. 

Read my inspiration for this:


Description: Creatures that have the head of a human and the body of a lion, goat, deer or snake, said to eat children
Things that are known:
  • Human are their prey
  • They are intelligent and have powers of illusion
  • They like to live in arid desolate places
  • They have the heads and/or torso's of humans, with animal lower bodies
  • They can see in darkness
  • They bait and trap men, using them for sex, sport, and supper

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