Thoughts on Stalwart Adventures 2

I like to increase thieving skills as I practice them, unless I know for sure there is something else I want to improve during downtime. In the last sitting, I mostly used Hide in Shadows and Find/Remove Traps. Once I get high enough level, I’ll be using an Invisibility spell to hide. Until then, I need to keep using and increasing this skill.

We should get enough XP for me to go up to wizard level 2. That will get me 1-2 HP, and every HP is precious for this character. Also, I get a second first level spell. Sleep is great, but I do look forward to a second utility spell I can use. I like the idea of Spider Climb, but my Climb Walls is already 70%. Maybe I can brainstorm some cool ways to use Phantasmal Force.

I wasn’t as good with my attack rolls, which is really what I would expect over a larger number of tries. The group fighter got a lot better, also as expected. The cleric is a beast. He really optimized his character build and the benefits of a specialty priest. That’s definitely a benefit of single classing!

Last session was a lot of “open the door, fight the goblins.” I hope we are through the bulk of that and move on to different challenges next sitting.

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