WFRP Career: Cellar Man (1e)

Cellar Man

Career Class: Rogue

Cellars in the Old World hold many valuable commodities. Some of these commodities need the expertise of a specialist to keep them in pristine condition. All the commodities need a protector or guardian.  The prevalence and expertise of a particular Cellar Man depends on the commodity one wishes to protect. A village’s tavern is not likely to have a Cellar Man to protect the swill they dare to call beer, however a city tavern may have a Cellar Man to guard his elven wine or dwarven ale.  Often there are even more valuable things to guard than a taverns alcohol. There are jewels, magicks, people’s lives, and other secrets. A  Cellar Man may turn adventurer when he gets tired of his confines. In the wider world, their guardian skills are very valuable to those with which they align.

Advance Scheme
WS +10
BS +10
T +1
W +2
I +10
Dex +10
Cl +10
WP +10

Acute Hearing
Concealment Urban
Immunity to Disease
Immunity of Poison
Set Trap
Silent Move Urban
Spot Trap
Very Resilient
10% Chance of Carpentry
10% Chance of Chemistry
10% Chance of Consume Alcohol
10% Chance of Evaluate
10% Chance of Haggle
10% Chance of Lightening Reflexes
10% Chance of Luck
10% Chance of Night Vision
10% Chance of Read/Write
10% Chance of Sixth Sense

Crossbow and ammunition
Leather Jack

Career Exits

Tomb Robber


Roger said…
I was originally thinking about the Cellar Man being involved in trade and defense between cellars as well as in the one cellar where they work. I forgot about some of that as I was typing it up.

The 10 different skills that the career has at 10% chance each gives an idea of what specialties might be for each individual Cellar Man. This might help guide their choice of career exits, too...that and what time of commodities are kept in the particular cellar where they work.
Billy Billerson said…

What's his Career Class? Rogue?
Roger said…
Rogue definitely seems like the best idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

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