April A-Z Debriefing

Wow. I just finished queuing up my last April A-Z post (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay themed). It has been an extremely fun experience. I really should have participated before this. I fully realize that my posts were about as basic as possible, but I understood that would be the case going in. I consider it a warm-up year. This whole A-Z thing may be "so 5 years ago," but it was a new experience for me to participate. I found some blogs that I will continue to follow (see below). It was a worthwhile event for me, if for no other reason than that.

Next time it is my intention to delve a little deeper. Unfortunately, I will still be in college during the next two A-Z challenges, so I may not be able to designate as much time as I currently intend. I'm not sure if I want to use the theme of Advanced Careers, Dwarf Terms, or Notable Personalities. The latter two would take a little more time and energy. We'll see. There are 11 months to come up with other themes.

Here are the new blogs that I began following specifically because of the A-Z challenge:

Polar Bear Dream and Stranger Things. This blog ran through a list of gaming concepts, mostly from an old school point of view. What has me excited, though, is that it intends to being a 'Warhammer Wednesday' in May.

ROFL Initiative. While I didn't have me ROFL, this blog posted an original hand-drawn map every day of the challenge! These maps are high quality. I don't know what the rest of the year will bring, but I have an idea it was a valuable addition to the blogroll.

Tower of the Archmage. This blog posted a new creature every day of the challenge. The creatures are very imaginative. The scenario presented at the beginning of the write up was a worthy post in and of itself. I also enjoyed the descriptions after the stat block.

You'll find these 3 in my blogroll to the right.

Also participating, blogs I was already subscribed to:

The Song of Middenheim. This blog details the city-state of Middenheim (WFRP). When I say "details" I mean extremely details. Other world-builders have nothing on this.

Another Caffeinated Day. The A-Z posts were each a specific, fleshed-out NPC for the Warhammer world. Many of them intertwined with each other. This blog also happens to be the personal blog of my GM. :)


Timothy Brannan said…
There were some great gaming blogs in this year's challenge.

I am very pleased I got to find yours!

Congrats on finishing the Challenge.
Jmt said…
Thanks for hosting my entries. It is very much appreciated.
Take care,
Roger said…
Thanks Tim!

And JM, you can guest post Warhammer posts here any time.

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