3e Session Upcoming?

I have been asked about possibly playing in a Warhammer 3rd edition game this summer.  I would love to give it a try. Now I'm trying to figure out what type of character would be good for just a one-summer knock off. I really want to save my character of intrigue as a back up character for the 2e game I play on Google+. The odds really are in favor of my slayer dying sooner rather than later.  Usually I play a fighter class when I'm first learning a system, but I've been playing my slayer for quite a while now. I'd like to branch out a bit. I'm leaning toward a Grave Robber.  I'm not even sure that's in third edition.

This could be exciting!


Shane S said…
Grave Robber is in the Winds of Magic set. Just glancing at it, it looks like a tough guy civilian career.

Good luck. I was just putting together a character today for a short term game, so my WFRP is on ;)
Roger said…
Sweet! I'd like to hear about it after the sittings.
John Condon said…
I tend to enjoy the more esoteric characters over the stereotypes.
That being said my last two WFRP 3E characters have mean a grim vengeance driven Wardancer and an aged travelling apothecary with a tongue as acidic as his concoctions.

Thus were born Mortelis Bloodbough and Tomaz "Old Sulfur" Zutsenson.

See if you can work out which is which :D
Roger said…
I definitely peg "Old Sulfur" as the apothecary. Do I win a prize?

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