This Isn't a Warhammer-Only Blog

I have no trouble admitting that Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) is my favorite RPG. Appropriately, the greatest percentage of my posts will be about WFRP. First edition (1e) was my first love, and I have binders full of homebrew rules for 1e.  Most of the rules have to do with specific adventures or campaigns and really don't look to be interesting enough to share on the internet. I do still get excited when I find something that does seem interesting enough to share.

However, I did want to point out some other topics I'm interested in, lest someone wanders in and decides not to hang around because they are not interested in Warhammer.

I love to read books, and I may post a little note about what makes them interesting, or I may post a little plug for the author hoping you'll check them out.

Cascade Failure is a sci-fi RPG by Greg Christopher. I see it as a Star Wars meets with catastrophic failure. I think it's a perfect place to set a Firefly game into. I'm slowly working on it. I have some characters posted, and I have outlines for multiple adventures that I need to flesh out and post.

I post some different characters for you to take and make your own. These have either been PCs I've played, friends have played, or NPCs I have created. There are Warhammer, D&D, C&C, and even a T&T.

I like to post little tidbits that inspire new and exciting game aspects. Mostly these have come from rewatching some old cartoons like He-Man, GI Joe, and Transformers.

There are "legacy D&D" posts, containing anything relating to 2e or retro-clones. This label is specifically for the RPG Bloggers website.

My various magic items are either posted with Warhammer or D&D stats.

The Verdendrage setting is a D&D 2e specific setting. Not Warhammer at all.

If you're not a Warhammer fan, I still hope you find something else of interest.

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