[Cascade Failure] Stasis Mine


This is a land mine that, instead of blowing up, mechanically/electronically/neuroelectronically holds the victim in stasis and sends an electronic alarm (radio frequency) to a receiver.

The receiver alerts when something/someone is held in the trap. You can touch the receiver's alert and a hologram/control panel opens up. The hologram shows which direction the activated trap is in, a picture of what's being held, and a few different options. The options are [Release], [Lock] (which holds the trapped person more permanently and can only be released/unlocked by using the receiver...or a Slider making a skill check), and...[Ignore] (meaning someone else is patrolling in that area and you are confident they will take care of it soon).

You might want to be alerted without making it known to everyone around that the trap is set off (that is, not wanting the big boom). These traps would also be highly reusable.


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