Physicians are Automatically Trustworthy

I've always had high regard for the medic/physician/healer of the party. This person keeps everyone else healthy, often at the character's own risk. I've pretty much always thought the party healer beyond reproach. Dr McCoy, Dr Crusher, Dr Polaski (yes, those are a lot of Star Trek examples) always put the patient above themselves. The healers and clerics in our RPG games would often be in the thick of the fight, helping to heal others.

Now this Dr Julia in Earth2...she's a mole/informant and possibly a traitor. It's changing my world upside down.

I need to use this scenario in a game.

Think about healers for a moment. Do you automatically trust them, too? If not, why not?


Anthony Emmel said…
one tends to; it's a given (trope?) of literature. I am reminded Of Katherine Kurtz's "Camber of Culdi." the first character we meet in teh novel is Rhys Thuryn, a Gavbrillite healer who has a pateient confide a deathly, treasonous secret on the patient's deathbed.
Roger said…
If the secret itself was infective and maddening, that would be even better!
Anthony Emmel said…
Well, in this case, and it's not a spoiler (not for a novel published in 1976!) because it is the first thing in the novel, but teh dying man is the legimate son of the king who was outsed by an invader. His grandson is teh rightful king and the current king is a tyrant.

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