Warhammer in Star Trek TNG

Recently I watched an episode of TNG entitled The Drumhead. The title referred to an ad-hoc judge sitting on a drumhead dispensing summary justice. Unfortunately, these judges knew very little of the case involved and were just overanxious to find some guilt, any guilt, they could punish.

The way that the investigators came onto the ship and tried to uncover conspiracy, whether there was one or not, reminded me of the Witch Hunter career in Warhammer. Since the investigators were convinced there was a conspiracy, they kept digging into anyone and everyone's past to find something they could punish. The investigation went far off its original intended course.  In the end, things were just made up.

In Warhammer, the Witch Hunter is the ultimate authority. They have the backing of the church. They uncover the evils of chaos everywhere they go...even if there isn't any to uncover. The guilty run and the innocents hope to go unnoticed. The guilty must be punished, and everyone is guilty of something. This is the attitude that was displayed in the Star Trek TNG episode. It was rather exciting to watch and tie in with my favorite RPG.


Michael Arends said…
I believe this episode was deliberately scheduled to coincide with current political hearings. 178 episodes, but this one runs this week. The investigator is obviously supposed to be a republican.
Roger said…
Haha! Interesting theory, except I was watching a Netflix DVD. My timing must just be impeccable.

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