[WFRP 1e] Doomstones 6

Blood in Darkness

The party further explored the lower level of the old Dwarf shrine, hoping for a clue through the sealed doors. They were not disappointed when they found an old library housing clues on a ritual to open said doors.

The dead ogres from the shrine up above were still fresh enough to bleed onto the altar as required by the ritual, and the bodies made sufficient sandbags for accessing the lowest level of the alter which was otherwise covered in mud. The sealed doors opened, and the party continued through to the final room.

The guardian of the shrine, an insane earth elemental, attacked in the last room. Its whipping tentacles bludgeoned the hypnotist and the magic user into retreat (physically and mentally). The remains of the creature were driven off by the fighters.

The last room had a pillar, wherein lay the stone. Being warned not to touch the pillar, the group lassoed it, pulled it from the floor (they are rather strong), and dragged it into an adjoining room. This awoke the final guardian of the shrine, but the group was not too proud to run away with their prize before the guardian could reach them.

Two Doomstones are now in the wizard's possession, with plenty of time for him to attune to them and learn all their powers.

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