[WFRP] Doomstones Session 5

Started with the party coming upon the shrine and getting their first view of the ogres. Many Cool checks were failed as they got an idea of what they were up against: ogres. They set up camp off the trail and figured out a plan of approaching the shrine.

The human entertainer was shoved out to talk to the ogre guards. He found out they were residents of the shrine and they were hungry (surprise). This gave the halfling, Professor Brambleburr, the opening he needed to get in. He walked up and offered his services as a cook if he could explore the locale in a professional archaeological manner. The ogres loved the idea of a cook and assumed his fancy words meant he wanted to see the shrine.

The halfling and a dwarf checked out the shrine finding a large, dark stone on a plinth as well as a random hole in the floor. The halfling then cooked for the two ogre priests. The meal was so good that the ogres allowed him to bring in his friends to explore the complex if he would cook for everyone. He sent the dwarf out for the others with precise instructions: have the other halfling, the one with herbalism skill, bring in enough herbs to put the ogres to sleep.

The herbalist (with a stellar intelligence check) had/found enough trollbane to knock every ogre in the place unconscious. Suddenly the party had free reign of the complex for at least 5 hours.

The search began. The archaeologist swept every room looking for clues. He left behind the ogres' money and most of their valuables, as these creatures were the least violent, almost nicest, ones the group had met in their travels. The entertainer didn't think along the same lines. He and the herbalist's bodyguard went around slitting ogre throats.

They took their time heading into the priests' quartets, searching thoroughly for clues. They headed further down into the complex, triangulating with the crystal of fire glowing brighter as it neared another crystal.

All the clues led the party to the lowest level, which happened to be covered in two feet of mud. The mud contained some worms that were found to eat metal. Two party members lost the lower parts of their chain coats. They also found a room with two doors magically locked. Nothing they did would open the doors.

Heading back upstairs, they remembered the hole in the shrine floor. They lowered the archaeologist down through the hole. He found a large room with a platform rising out of the mud directly underneath. The hole was surrounded by bars all the way from the platform to the ceiling. He could only look into the room.

He had the idea to use the mud worms to eat through the bars. The party ended with access to the lower level.


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