[D&D 2e] Eveningstar Campaign 7 - 12

Kryphon - Half Elf Rogue (Bounty Hunter)

My Companions
Kerun - Half Elf Berserker (brother to my character)
Gemmabink - Gnome Fighter
Leonardo - Human Summoner

Session 7 Tarsahk 18th & 19th (11/19/2007)

Old Meg was not impressed that we let a horror loose on the town. We set out to track the thing. It was bipedal with 4 clawed toes. It left behind very little blood when it attacked, and the attacks happened fast with very little struggle. Somehow it is suggested we visit an Arcane for more information.

The Arcane hires us to find a Cube of Force. Hopefully the thing will contain the horror.

Session 8 Tarsahk 19th and 20th (11/26/2007)

We end up in the Fallen Lands with Serene the Arcane. He has cheetahs for pets, IIRC. He gave us a parchment with cryptic instructions.

We traveled on his cart, past a stone statue of Cyric. Someone decided it was a good place to camp. We were attacked by gnolls on the 3rd watch.

We got an IOU from Serene. We bought some healing potions. We arrived at our destination town at midafternoon.

Session 9 Tarsahk 20th (12/10/2007)

(A few notes that don't make sense: Small statuette of Cyric (solid gold), single iron key, vial of silvery powder. We must have fought something. Kryphons HP went from 14 to 9, and his arrow supply went from 17 to 10.)

Session 10 Tarsahk 22nd (01/07/2008)

We head underground. We saw a Harper symbol on the wall of the gatehouse. It warned of danger within.

We found an underground pool with a few coins. Fool Kerun goes in after them and ends up paralyzed. He also gets an ooze on his leg we have to slice off with a dagger.

There is a secret door behind a staute of Cyric.  Gemma ends up controling Matther's ghoul with a potion we found in our travels.

Session 11 Tarsahk 22nd (01/21/2008)

Matther's tomb has a bag of gems, gold, silver, and copper.

Karasis is some kind of undead creature Kryphon snuck by with Denora's Ring.

Clarsh's Tomb blinds us with a glyph ward and Karaksis teleports us back to the surface.

Session 12 Tarsahk 22nd (01/28/2008)

Clarsh's Sarcophagus has ceramic jars, a mumified body with jewels, a breastplate with gold inlaid with stones (variously valued gemstones) and multiple arrow wounds.


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