Adrenaline Surge

The group was adventuring in Dwimmermount, using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules. They had just fought a large group (three rooms worth) of lizardmen (substituted for orcs) on level 2A. They were tired and wounded and needed to head back to base camp to heal and rest.

The expedition's surgeon sewed wounds and applied poultices. He asked if there was anything else they needed. One player spoke up: "Do you have anything that can give me more Wounds (hit points)?" I paused, not wanting to just say no and move on. My mind raced:  energy...adrenaline...adrenal gland...

"Well, other surgeons don't know this, but I've been doing a little research on my own. I'm pretty sure if you eat a lizardman kidney, it will give you more energy. You have to do it right before your fight, but I can preserve one of the ones you brought back...I'll have to do it quickly before the energy is all gone. What do you think?"

The play just stared at me, shocked. Then he laughed "Oh, no. You're not going to make me do this, are you? Do you want me to roll an intelligence check?"

I replied, "I don't care what you do. You can roleplay this. We don't need to rely on dice if you don't want to."  He rolled anyway.

"OK. Give me the kidney." His wife made a face, thinking it was pretty gross. I was on a roll now and couldn't stop:

"The surgeon didn't see you complain when he smeared lizardman paste over your wounds after sewing them up. Everyone knows lizards regenerate their tails when they fall off. Therefore, lizardman paste is the perfect application over sutured wounds. It expedites the healing process."

I can't believe I made this a thing in my game.

When the character actually ate the lizardman kidney in the first round of battle, I had to make up some rules. +5 Weapon Skill, +1 Strength, +1 Toughness, +3 Wounds for four rounds of battle. At the end, the character tires. I'm also contemplating a Toughness check to see if he contracts some kind of disease or sickness from the raw lizardman organ. Also, I think the character should become tolerant to the effects after a while, needing more and more to get the same bonuses. After a while, the benefit will not outweigh the inconvenience and time it takes to eat raw organs directly before battle.



What for an inspiration, Roger. Yet again I have to steal it!
Really glad I stumbled over your blog ;0)

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