[D&D 2e] Eveningstar Campaign 1 - 6

Kryphon - Half Elf Rogue (Bounty Hunter)

My Companions
Kerun - Half Elf Berserker (brother to my character)
Gemmabink - Gnome Fighter
Leonardo - Human Summoner

Session 1 Tarsahk 10th & 11th (08/06/2007)

Our group was travelling from Arabel to Eveningstar when we were ambushed by 15(!) goblins in separate groups. We fought them off and were rewarded with a gem, thieves picks, a dagger, and some silver.

We entered Eveningstar and took in the sights, specifically the local militia: Purple Dragons. At the inn, we were given rooms. The innkeeper's daughter, Anna, talked about a ghost in the root cellar.

We helped upgrade the inn in exchange for free rent. We helped build personal rooms.

The ghost actually kidnapped Anna d and took her down a tunnel to the river. We followed it. The mage and I were almost killed saving her. Everyone except Anna and I caught some kind of sickness from the rat or the tunnel. We had to be tended by a priest. I believe it was a "Mother Tethos" who came to care for us.

Getting in bed, I found it short-sheeted. Later I found out it was the gnome's doing.

Session 2 Tarsahk 12th - 14th (08/27/2007)

Baskar puts out a weekly paper. That's kind of neat. The Eveningstar Gazette or some such thing.

I believe we are staying at the Lonesome Tankard Inn. The stableboy is named Jeffrey.

We investigated some more ghostly...things. There was a painting that reflected spells back on the caster, a floating skull, a brass Harper ring, and a Mage Star.

Session 3 Tarsahk 15th (09/17/2007)

We went to some kind of party. Kryphon practiced picking pockets. He also got more information from Anna while dancing with her. She speaks to animals. Most animals are pretty basic, but some are smart, like Lord Tessaril's cat.

There is an old lady in town called Old Meg. Apparently she has a Tessarym named Ushi. Anna advises staying away from Old Meg.

Dhurthal is the town smith. He makes gleaming, everbright armor, pots, and gleaming swords.

Arbold Tethyr heads the grooming house. I guess that has something to do with horses.

Session 4 Tarsahk 16th (10/08/2007)

For some reason I can't explain, we head to Old Meg's house. The house has vegetation near the house that doesn't match the surrounding area. The house has no smoke, no windows, and only one door.

Old Meg answers. She's crazy. She knows what we need and where to get it. She also likes to hit shins with her cane. She sends us after some magical items at the estate of Donello Montair: Denora's Ring (invisibility to undead, a staff (???) , a sun stone (a brooch that can project a laser ray of sunlight), an axe, and the Eternity Bow (arrow turns into a wooden stake, 31 uses).

Session 5 Tarsahk 16th (10/15/2007)

We head to the estate and track down the magical items. At some point in the process, we let a horror loose on the town of Eveningstar. We head back to town and commission Dhurthal to make Kerun a sword.

Session 6 Tarsahk 17th (11/05/2007)

Anna has a dream. She has red eyes. Apparently it's a thing that happens occasionally, her Red Eye dream.

We return to the smith for Kerun's sword and Gemmabink's armor.


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