[D&D 2e] Eveningstar Campaign 19 - 20

Kryphon - Half Elf Rogue (Bounty Hunter)

My Companions
Kerun - Half Elf Berserker (twin brother to my character)
Gemmabink - Gnome Fighter
Leonardo - Human Summoner

Session 19 Mirtul 3rd (04/14/2008)

The party encountered a Deck of Chance. I don't know what the rest of the party did, but I have marked down that Kryphon was suddenly 52 gold, 180 platinum, 224 silver, and 199 copper richer.  Everything except the platinum was put into a chest Leonardo had (chest of holding?).

Session 20 Mirtul 3rd 04/21/2008)

Something happened to age (doppelganger) Kryphon 10 years. Then something else happened that gave Kryphon a wish. Doppelganger Kryphon wished to be whisked back to his doppelganger home with all the treasure he had accumulated. The party was caught completely off guard.

Here's what he made away with: 180 plantinum, 601 gold, a plain shield, a vial of perfume, 7 various gems worth 260 gold in total, a pewter beer stein worth 85 gold, a potion of substinanace, a small silver throwing dagger +1, a dagger of impaling, the eternity bow, as well as everything else listed on Kryphon's character sheet.


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