WFRP Elevator Pitch

The other day someone said, "Sell me on WFRP."

Here's what I came up with:

Low(er) magic. Magic users distrusted by the normal people. Grim and perilous (dark and deadly). A world fighting destruction at the hand of chaos. Percentile rolls rather than d20 rolls. Careers that ignite the imagination (like D&D 2e kits)..
If these topics don't interest you, I won't bother with a longer sales pitch.
He was, in fact, interested, so I continued:

The Empire. A disparate collection of tribes united under a charismatic leader with a deadly warhammer. Forests filled with chaos beastmen, mutants distorted by chaos. The populations are kept a bit in check by the elves, but, honestly, it's almost as bad to encounter an elf in the woods as it is a beastman. Waves of pure chaos drift from the north, corrupting everything it touches. The city of Prague is burned a rebuilt periodically due to it's proximity to warping chaos. Twisted champions of chaos gods lead periodic campaigns from the north, each determined to destroy civilization (the Empire) once and for all. The only place that is safe is in a walled city where the Empire's soldiers, watchmen, and mercenaries can protect you. Except. Even there you are not safe. Cults that secretly worship the chaos gods are always trying to recruit you...or sacrifice you to their evil designs, whichever is expedient. Underground, the evil ratmen swarm, ever expanding their tunnels and warrens under the civilized world until such a time they can rise up (literally) and overthrow humanity. Of course, that's just a story. Everyone knows Skaven don't really exist...they are just a tale to frighten young children into behaving...right? Dwarves live in the mountains that surround the Empire. They would be humanity's biggest ally against chaos...except the dwarven civilization has been in decline for hundreds of years. A dwarf is noble. A dwarf is ferocious. A dwarf can kill many chaos creatures before being taken down, but when a dwarf goes down there are no more to take his place. And you. Your character. Your citizen of the mighty Empire. You just want to survive, feed yourself, not catch a disease, live a long life, and die. Unfortunately, everything I've mentioned above is out to prevent you from doing any of that.
What do you think? Did I sell it properly? How would you sell it?


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