[WFRP2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 26

Maximillian Morningglory, Halfling Agitator
Magnus the Pony

My companions
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer

Absent Players/NPCs
Gustav Jaeger - Human Priest of Verena (Became GMPC)

From Maximillian's journal:

(Previous update)

We were huddled in the church of Verena, safe from scrying and, hopefully, from the murder Udrin had committed (without my knowledge or express consent, I might add...I am no conspirator in this crime). We were warm and provided for, when I happened to mention wanting to find a bodyguard at some point and Gustav mentioned that Lady Auschaffenberg might be a cultist. That set everyone off, and suddenly we were heading out the door to visit Lord Auschaffenberg (via stopping in to look for a bodyguard...via my friends Willowwand and Alepuddle). I stopped for a holy symbol of Verena before leaving (seriously, they are just handed out for a shilling donation).

Maybe I should switch to footnotes instead of parenthetical asides. I'm not sure. I'm relatively new to this journaling thing.

As soon as we descended the steps and reached the gate, two elves accosted us[1]. Udrin thought they might be trouble, so he gave me some instruction before we reached the bottom of the stairs[2].  Gregarious Ludovic stepped out to meet them, thinking he recognized them from his previous travels. Apparently it was not an elf Ludovic knew and was instead some grump who wanted something Udrin has[3].  A fight broke out[4].

Luckily I had positioned myself near a lantern, as Udrin requested, and I was able to pull it down and cast a long shadow over the elves[5].  My shadow must have done the trick, as the near elf fell down screaming for help and the other elf ran off. Udrin and Gustav went after the fleeing elf, while Ludovic and I tried to tie up the first one. The elf just wouldn't hold still, and we didn't have any rope, so I whacked him over the head with my club. It was lights out for the frail creature.

We hurried off the streets, again seeking the safety of the church. The dark elf[6] wasn't talking, so I offered to intimidate him a bit. Nobody took me up on the offer. Instead they requested the high priest of the church to come interrogate him. The dark elf didn't answer many questions, and he started to get mouthy, but the high priest wouldn't let me rough the prisoner up[7].  I've seen what creatures devoted to chaos can do, and I'm not willing to give any of them any leeway. The priest is a naive fool[8].

I am not sure where we will go from here. Geheimnisnacht is only a few hours away. Things are getting increasingly violent, and I still don't have a bodyguard.

[1] So, what do you think of footnotes? They have their charm, I guess. We'll see how it goes. 

[2] I listened real good and was at least 50% sure I understood what he wanted before things started happening.

[3] OK, it was the amulet I saw them discussing in the barn, but I'm trying to forget I ever saw it. It seems to be causing a lot of trouble. I need to maintain plausible deniability. 

[4] Which is exactly what I had wanted a bodyguard for. These dark elves sure have horrible timing.

[5] I didn't know what kind of shadow he wanted, but it seemed he was going to protect us with the shadow. So I hunkered over the lantern and held my hands up, growling like I was a bear. 

[6] Apparently they have a term for dark elves: Druchii. I hate to say it, though, as it seems somehow to violate my mouth. Also whenever I say it I feel like something evil is looking over my 

[7]  I offered to pray to Verena myself, as nobody else was having much luck and I, too, had a holy symbol. Again, nobody took me up on my offer.

[8] But very likable. He's the good kind of fool.

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