Character Profiles: Maximillian Morningglory (WFRP 2e)

Maximillian is a halfling Agitator. He was previously a Fieldwarden...until tragedy struck his houshold.

The tranquil lives of the Morningglory family were shattered one day as the restless dead from Sylvania crossed the land on some mysterious task for their undead master. Maximillian was out on patrol and wasn't around as his hometown was raided. When he arrived, he found his home destroyed and both his parents dead. His siblings were all missing. (A little GM fodder.)

Maximillian was left with no posessions and nothing to fall back on beside what was on him and his horse, Magnus. He now holds a burning hatred for chaos (he doesn't distinguish between chaos and undead).

Maximillian is a halfing male. He is 70 years old, 3'8" tall, 100 lbs with corn-colored hair and dark brown eyes.

Starter Profile

WS 21% BS 45% S 21% T 17% Ag 45% Int 34% WP 36% Fel 35%

A 1 W 8 SB 2 TB 1 M 4 Mag 0 IP 1 FP 2

Skills: Academic Knowledge - Necromancy, Academic Knowledge - Heraldry, Charm, Common Knowledge - Halfling, Concealment, Follow Trail, Gossip, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Speak Language - Halfling, Speak Language - Reikspiel, Stealth, Silent Move, Trade - Cook

Talents: Night Vision, Resistance to Chaos, Specialist Weapon - Sling, Lightning Reflexes, Savvy, Rapid Reload, Rover

Weapons: Dagger, Club, Sling

Armor: Leather Jacket

Trappings: Shirt, breeches, worn boots, tattered cloak, lantern, lamp oil, spade, good clothes, backpack, blanket, wood tankard, wood cutlery, pony (Magnus)

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