[WFRP 2e] Morrslieb's Shadow 25

Maximillian Morningglory, Halfling Agitator
Magnus the Pony

My companions
Udrin Sor-Valdir - High Elf Wizard
Ludovic Hasselhoff - Human Entertainer
Gustav Jaeger - Human Priest of Verena (Became GMPC)

From Maximillian's journal:

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Maximillian was distracted from the problem of Ludovic in gaol by wondrous-smelling meats in the nearby market. That is where the others find him. He told them the entire story of following Ludovic under arrest, and the strange cloaked man that was following as well.

The party went into the gaol to see about getting Ludovic released into Gustav's custody...after all, he is a priest of Verena. They were unwilling to cooperate, so Udrin disappeared for a bit and then returned wearing the form of the watch sergeant and with Ludovic in tow. The party beat a hasty retreat to Udrin's inn to formulate follow-up plans.

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