Hobbly: Hogshead Inn

From the north or the west, the first inn a traveler to Hobbly will come to is the Hogshead Inn. Four people live on the premises: the innkeeper Lance, his wife Martha (who is also the cook), and their daughters Eliza and Meredith (servers when the place is busy enough).  The building is two stories tall, with a floor-plan roughly akin to the Three Feathers.

Since the Goblin Invasion at the end of Pie Week, the inn has seen a drastic reduction in patronage. The invading forces rushed through the woods and toward the town's defenders stationed at the inn. There was a lot of destruction as the attacking army tore up the ground, smashed windows, and slammed into buildings.


Breakfast 6 p
Lunch 9 p
Dinner (1 beer) 1 ss 3 p
Packed Lunch 9 p
Ale 6 p
Beer 3 p
Spirits (1 shot) 6 p
Wine (goblet) 9 p

Stabling 2 ss 6 p
Bath 3 ss

Common Room/Dorm 1 ss 3 p
Single Room 15 ss
Double Room 1 gc 10 ss
Large Room 2 gc 5 ss

Dwarven-influenced privy (which weathered the invasion unscathed)

*For visitors. It is well known that the Hogshead takes items in trade from locals, when convenient to both parties.


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