Lothar's Lakehouse

On Saturday I posted the profile of my first WarHammer character, Lothar Maurer. When he set up the house, he made a room for his brother, Kelvin.  Kelvin is not currently living there. He is out making his own life, somewhat rebelling against Lothar. However, here's a bit more information about the house he lives in and what's inside.

Lothar's house includes two floors. Also on the property are his stables and his rowboat (he lives on a lake...he needs a boat).

Ground Floor
Kitchen: 5 cooking pots, 10 sets of silver cutlery, 2 kettles, 2 jugs, firewood, 10 candles, 1 pot lamp

Living room: 10 candles, 2 pot lamps

Porch: 10 candles, 1 pot lamp

1st Floor
Kelvin's bedroom: 1 mattress, 10 candles, 1 pot lamp

Lothar's bedroom: 1 cloak (best quality [bq]), 1 cloak (good quality [gq]), 1 doublet jacket (bq), 1 pair leather boots (bq), 2 pair leather boots (gq), 1 pair leather shoes (bq), 2 pair leather shoes (gq), 1 overcoat (bq), 1 overcoat (gq), 1 pair boots with spurs (bq), 1 pair boots with spurs (gq), 1 scarf (bq), 10 scarves (gq), 1 shirt (bq), 5 shirts (gq), 1 tunic (bq) 2 tunics (gq) 1 pair breeches (bq) 5 pair breeches (gq) 4 handkerchiefs, 3 caps, 2 masks, 1 mattress, 10 candles, 1 pot lamp

Strong room: 10 candles, 1 pot lamp, magical mail leggings (1/2 vs missiles), magical two-handed warhammer (+1T, rune of cutting and smashing, renewal rune, lesser death rune vs undead), lance, crossbow, 20 crossbow bolts, magical bane sword (+1/x2 vs chaos), normal bow, quiver with 30 arrows. 2797 gold crowns.

50 candles, 4 pot lamps, 5 pints of fuel oil, 3 lanterns, 20 torches, 2 tinderboxes

Stables-Ground floor
Josie the war horse, riding horse, 2 spades, 10 saddle bags, 1 saw, barding, rope - 50'

Stables-1st floor
Guest quarters: 1 mattress, 10 candles, 1 pot lamp

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