Verdendrage Locale: Caliphate

A while back I posted about my friend's home-brewed world for D&D 2e. I have some of his notes. A comprehensive page can be found under the blog banner.

The Great Desert 

There are various nomadic tribes roaming The Great Desert. Most of these tribes are thought to have various mountain strongholds, though this has never been proven.

The Caliphate

This area is held tightly by a quasi-religious warlord.  The warlord and his successors reign between 50 - 200 years before a new tribal leader gathers an army and overthrows the previous caliph.  This is usually done under claims that the overthrowing warlord's “god” decreed him to be all powerful.

The Caliphate has a highly hierarchical church, which the Caliph is head of. There is no proof that their “god” even exists, and if he does he ignores his followers.

There is a great deal of trade through the Caliphate's port-cities of Gar’Shasin and Shadikar. The Caliph and his agents control all of this trade. The free city of K’Shanaagar is a constant thorn in The Caliphate's side, for it is a den of thieves, smugglers, and vagabonds. No caliph has been able to conquer it.


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