Character Profiles: Kelvin Maurer (WFRP)

Kelvin is the brother to my primary character, Lothar. He is one of the first alternate characters I made.He has been through far fewer adventures. He has turned away from his brother's upbringing and sought out his own way in life.

Kelvin is a human male rogue of neutral alignment. He is 20 years old, 5'11" tall, 166 lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Currently an Embezzler, Kelvin started as an acrobat. He then became a thief, and then a pickpocket. Currently he is only a few skills away from becoming a Fence.

Feel free to port Kelvin over into your current campaign when you are looking for a neutral, looking-out-for-number-one type character.

Current Profile:

M 4 WS 42 BS 42 S 4 T 3 W 9 I 40 A 1 Dex 47 Ld 29 Int 29 Cl 33 WP 33 Fel 51
IP 2 FP 0

Skills: Acrobatics, Concealment - Urban, Silent Move - Urban, Silent Move - Rural, Secret Language - Thieves, Secret Signs - Thieves.

Hand Weapons: Knife, Sword, Spear

Missile Weapons: Throwing knives - 4

Armor: Sleeved mail coat

Trappings: Hooded cloak, boots

Other Magic: Amulet of Thrice Blessed Copper (+20% to Poison tests), Replenishing healing vial (5 healing draughts for 1 W each)

Religion: Renald, also in the Brotherhood of Gorm


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