Dwarf Reproduction Proclamation

The WarHammer setting is perilous. Each wave of chaos defeated, each cult rooted out of the city, each battle against goblinoids or skaven comes with a large price of life.  Every WarHammer novel and many adventure settings lead to the loss of more and more dwarves (specifically). I have long been waiting for the following:

The collective Dwarf Kings have come together to issue the following emergency proclamation:

Times are perilous and the outlook of the Dwarf race is grim. Warriors, artisans, and merchants alike have been giving their all for the continued survival of our people. It is imperative that more is done. Until further notice, all dwarfs are required to procreate. Warriors will be replaced on the front lines and united with their spouse until conception is confirmed.

Females with child must be protected. You will be kept in the most secure tunnels of the hold. You will be given the option of joining caravans to Nuln, Altdorf, Middenheim, or Talabheim where you may raise the child in relative safety until the child is of age.

We must reproduce as soon and as often as possible. The future of the race depends on it.


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