Tell Me About Your Thief

What is your thief's name (&/or alias)? What does he/she specialize in? What are some grand heists you've perpetrated (you can interpret this however you like).


Roger said…
My thief Kryphon was the twin brother of a character who decided to be a paladin. Kryphon was increasingly evil as the campaign went on, but he intentionally kept himself in check around his brother...when he was around. In the end, it was wise that the GM chose Kryphon to be taken out and replaced by a doppelganger in the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar.
David Dorward said…
Ha! I'm wise to your game gov. You're not going to get me to incriminate myself, no sir.
Roger said…

And what, exactly is your thief's address, again David?

(If you are wise to my game, then you realize I'm trying to glean some cool NPC info/ideas by getting people to tell me about their character. ;) )
Thief? Dear sir, what an awful word. My name is Narillo Scarlazzi and I am an honorable locksmith.
Well my latest heist, with some help, was to relief a certain jeweler of some hot gems. The rumor goes that he is one of the fences of the Velvet Paws. I also heard some nights ago, that during the wedding of one of the richest families around here the brides diadem, called the Cartier-Diadem, got stolen before the ceremony. What a brazeness!
Excuse me now, please. I have to meet one of my own fences, err... partners, for a most important transaction.
Roger said…
Pleased to meet you, locksmith.

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