New Monster: Scorpitaur

This monster was inspired by a miniature I ordered and painted. I had to name it and give it stats.

M 6 WS 41 BS 25 S 4 T 4 W 17 I 30 A 2 Dex 18 Ld 33 Int 18 Cl 29 WP 24 Fel 10

Alignment: Evil
Size: M (5-6' tall)
Appearance: Humanoid in appearance, these creatures combine the features of a bull, scorpion, and human all in one. The body is human-like except in color, which is usually a shad of red like a scorpion or crab. the head is that of a bull with dark, black horns. the eyes are light red, and out of the lower jaw protrudes two up-pointing tusks. A large scorpion tail, as long as the rest of the body, curls up from the creature's hind-side and over the head. There is a black stinger on the end of a mace-like tail head.
Psychological Traits: Cause fear in creatures under 6' tall.
Special Rules: Subject to Blood lust. One of the 2 attacks per round is a tail sting. Victims must make a Poison test every time they are hit:

  • 1st Failure: Drowsy
  • 2nd Failure: Paralyzed
  • 3rd Failure: Unconscious
  • 4th Failure: Dead
Climate: Forests and mountains


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