Holy Adventure: Characters

Once upon a time I had the idea for a holy adventure. This was an adventure funded and run by the church of a specific D&D deity. As such, there was a Cleric in charge of the group, who ultimately reported to a higher up Priest of the church. All others were either followers of the same deity who "went to the same church" or followers of one of the church's close allies.

Here's some info on my plans for the characters:

Cleric (Level 7): Not as strict on the tenets of the faith as the Priest (as in, let the thief do his job), but strict enough to remain in good standing with the church.

  • Will have say/rule over the Paladin(s)
  • DM will keep track to make sure the Cleric is sticking to the tenets and beliefs of their god.
Paladin (Level 6):

  • Will have high charisma, as is a requirement anyway
  • Will most likely be the group leader unless the Cleric wants that job.
Figher(s) (Level 5):

  • Belongs to the church.
  • Possibly a Ranger, depending on the religion chosen
  • Has blessed weapons and armor
Specialist (Thief) (Level 5):

  • Belongs to the church (even churches need the talents of a "specialist" every once in a while.
  • May have some spells as divine favor (Detect Traps, Invisibility, Silence 15', etc.)
  • Must give 20% of earnings to the church to retain the favors
Wizard/Mage (Level 5):

  • Belongs to the church.
  • Also may have some extra spells as divine favor.
  • Spells are cast as 2 levels higher as a divine blessing, as long as the Wizard remains devout.


DOHTIG said…
This sounds like fun! Tons of ready made action (all for the faith). A safehouse(s) due to the religion and allies that that deity! Why did we never play this?
Roger said…
We were always playing something else at the time.

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