Do You Use Contagion and Disease?

I was reading through a WarHammer Fantasy Roleplay supplement the other night, and there was a chapter about physicians and surgeons. There were rules for contracting infection, both before and after surgery. Do you use rules like that? Is there a chance that your (non-magical) healer will cause an infection in the person they are trying to patch up? It doesn't seem like much fun for those trying to run heroic games, but it might be interesting for an added dose to those running games higher in realism.

On which end of the spectrum do you fall?


Simon GIll said…
I'm running a one-shot tomorrow. If I was more comfortable with the basic rules, diseases and contagion would be a fun addition.

Unfortuntely, until I've learned where all the basic knobs are, those fun additions are going to have to stay in the box.
Roger said…
That sounds like a good plan. Stick with the basics and add more as you get comfortable. Good luck!
Seth Drebitko said…
I use them as plot driven things primarily. When it comes to infection possibility (like your friend got bit by an undead, or your wounds were submerged in sewage) I just kick up the difficulty and if they fail the first time they will become fatigued. Fail a second time the character becomes sickened/exhausted.
I used a contagious disease once (excluding zombies) which ended up being a magical plague that turned anyone who contracted it into a human.
Roger said…
But for nothing mundane, like non-magical healing attempts?

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