Lucky Dice

My friend Chris throws a house-con every year for his birthday. Every year has a theme, and every year he has specialty dice made to give out. Every year these dice end up as my lowest rollers in my collection. Every year.

The other day I grabbed them to start making a new character. My first roll of 3d6 = 4. That's it. Out of three dice. I immediately threw them back in the bag and hauled out my Artisan Dice. My first roll was a 16. I finished the character using the Artisan Dice: 16, 12, 15, 12, 15, 11.


Philo Pharynx said…
Hey, keep them for when you need to play Gurps or another roll-low game.

Seriously a lot of the cheap custom dice out there don't spend any time making sure they are weighted right.

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