[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 15

Martin - Human Scout
Wilfried - Human Fence
Gottlieb - Human Bounty Hunter
Othmar - Human Charlatan
Larry - Human Bodyguard
Wilhelm - Human Wizard Apprentice

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The party headed upriver in the direction of Delberz. They were still intent on getting Wilhelm to meet his instructor so he could get more wizardry training. Only, they were halted in Grossbad due to a familiar person about to get lynched.

Sailing toward a mooring in Grossbad, the party recognizes infamous card shark Philip Des Carte as he is chased through the town. Larry skillfully utilized his piloting experience to bump another boat away from the mooring before it was secure. The party then used a combination of blathering, persuasion, and intimidation to confiscate the wanted man onto their ship.

Des Carte laughed with glee, despite being a bit worse for the wear. Gottlieb had roughed the man up a bit when arresting him. Philip's greatest concern, after his freedom, was the retrieval of his belongings from the boat Larry had bumped off the docks.

Rumors abounded from other towns and other ships on the river: A cleric, a witch hunter of Sigmar really, was burned at the stake in Shappendorf. The Sigmarites were getting ready to come to blows with the Ulricans in Middenheim. Karl Franz was ill, and Prince Wulfgang was an imbecile.

On hearing the news of unrest, the party decided to visit Martin's family in Shappendorf.

There Wilfried tried to trade the party's excess (and illegal) wine for ore. The thought was that if war was coming, then ore would be at a premium. Wilfried utterly failed to entice the locals into purchasing illicit wine. He bemoaned his decision to ever try to become a fence.

In the town, some of the party investigated the Sigmar vs Ulric feud a bit more in depth. Others went to explore the grave of the lynched witch hunter.

The group scouting the grave left with a gently-used breastplate...it actually had a hole in the chest where the man was apparently injured. Gottlieb took the armor for his own. The intelligence gathering party found a warehouse in which to store the illegal wine so they didn't have to carry it alone the well-patrolled river.

Heading back downriver, Gottlieb was stricken with a fever and shaking. The party had to make an emergency stop in a backwater town. The local priest attempted to mark the boat condemned, but he was intimidated out of that assessment by the flat of a sword. Instead the party carried Gottlieb to the Shallyan house of Mercy where the bounty hunter was healed of his disease.

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