[WFRP 1e] The Enemy Within 11

Wilfried - Fence (me)
Martin - Scout
Larry - Bodyguard
Wilhelm - Wizard Apprentice

(Note: I missed session 10, so I don't have a write-up.)

The party looked at the body of the dead beggar. It was torn apart, and not to long ago, according to the priestess of Shallya. The dead madman had an amulet, a gift possibly, from the house Teugen, which he had kept on his person apparently for many years.

The party decided they had enough information to shadow the merchant houses at night and see what suspicious comings and goings occurred. Throughout the early evening, various parties entered the Teugen estate, all carrying packages. The party mugged one of the visitors.

Wilhelm was dressed in the visitor's clothing, and carried the stolen package...which ended up holding cultist robes and an amulet. It was time to infiltrate House Teugen.

The party opted for a direct assault through the main gate. Wilfried bandied with the bodyguard outside the gate until a suitable moment occurred to bribe the man into going home. Larry rushed the servants standing outside the front door, and struck them both with stunning blows. Martin kept the men-at-arms busy until Larry could strike one stunned and Wilfried could bribe the other to take a dive. (This is how a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay combat is over in 3 rounds, without killing anyone.)

At the side door, another lackadaisical guard was knocked unconscious by Larry's stunning sword hilt. The party was inside the side entrance of the Teugen house.

Guards milled about the entry room between the front door and the kitchen. The party avoided that room. Wilhelm's keen ear heard some talk from upstairs. A voice reported that their temple had been desecrated. However, they had found a new meeting place. They would let the others know tomorrow where the meeting would be held...and they would bring a female outlander for a sacrifice. (Oh, no! Emmanuelle??)

The party heard all they needed to justify rushing the stairs to crash the meeting. But first, Wilhelm set the kitchen to catch fire in a horrible blaze. With the fire set, they took the back stair to the meeting room.

The party-goers were dressed in their cultish best. One member stepped toward the party, recognizing them. Friedrich Magirius? The guy who was adamant the Ordo Septinarius was a secret cabal of do-gooders? The others shrank back in fear, except two men who were not in robes: Johannes Teugen and his second, Gideon.

Wilfried, feeling suddenly mortal, chose to swing at a cowering cultist, managing to only knock the pointed hood off the man's head. Martin and Larry rushed Johannes. The two beat the noble back heartily enough to encourage Wilfried to join the rout. Soon the man was cleft in two by Martin's sword...which only left the mysterious Gideon to deal with.

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