[D&D 5e] Storm King's Thunder 1

Quarion - Half Elf Warlock (me)
Gorthran - Dwarf Tempest Cleric
Eldreth - Dwarf Fighter
Dar - Human Ranger
Seville - Half Orc Barbarian

Sometimes it's not where you're running to, but where you're running from. This is how I found myself walking with a group of strangers into the wayward town of Night Stone. We had heard that we could find adventure there. We had heard we could find a library. We had heard Night Stone would be a place we could escape the past. Instead we walked into a battlefield.

The town was in disarray. It looked like it had been bombarded by a dozen catapults. Maybe a spare trebuchet or two as well. I guess I'm not an expert on weapons of mass destruction. What I did know is that the temple's bells would not stop ringing. Unless it was the 87th hour of the day, those bells needed to stop.

Inside we found two playful goblins riding the bell rope up and down like some sort of chaotic pogo-stick. (Of course we have pogo-sticks. They're just a branch and a spring.) Some of the strangers I was traveling with are very good at killing goblins. I didn't have to lift a finger.

The view from the second floor of the temple showed all was clear outside as far as the eye could see. There were perhaps some farm animals making noise in the distance. It sounded like as good a direction as any to start walking.

Unfortunately we were ambushed by a couple of wargs. One of the dwarves fell to the animal onslaught almost immediately. I was able to kill a warg with some impressive-looking spells.  It's what I do. I'm a warlock. It's a long story.

The fight was a lot more difficult than slaughtering goblins, but we managed to kill the mangy mutts and revive our downed companions. With a bit of a rest back at the one building we knew was safe, the temple, we decided to cautiously explore the tavern next door.

The first human we found was an unconscious woman in an upstairs room. She might have been knocked out by goblins, or she could have been knocked out by the large stone that had crashed into her room. Either way she was grateful to be neither dead nor prisoner.

She told us the surviving townsfolk were hiding in nearby caves. She asked us to clear the goblin raiders out of the town. She asked us to then help her retrieve townsfolk. If anything, I'm a sucker for a person in need. Without consulting the rest of the party, I immediately agreed to help.

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