D&D Eveningstar Campaign 21 - 24

Gairloch - Svirfneblin Priest of Grumbar

My Companions
Kerun - Half Elf Berserker turned Paladain
Gemmabink - Gnome Fighter
Leonardo - Human Summoner

Session 21 (04/14/2008)

(My part of the session was spent making the new character while the others continued adventuring in the Haunted Halls.)

Session 22 (05/05/2008)

The new gnome meets up with the party, and is welcomed right in since he searched for the famous Gemmabink.

We visited Durthal, who needed a Dispel Fatigue spell.

Gairloch summoned an Earth Elemental to work on Josiah's home. He then used his stonemasonry skill to work on the door.

The party had supper at Lord Tessaril's.

Session 23 (05/12/2008)

Speak with the Dead: Petrall killed his cousin for the family inheritance and headed to the Haunted Halls.

Augury: directed us to the straight passage in the Halls.

Gairloch cured wounds, found traps (and disarmed them with his maul), and unlocked doors (with the maul). He was a nice addition to the party.

Session 24 (06/02/2008)

Found Palantharr's Rare Tome and a Libram of Silver Magic.

Gairloch cured more wounds, repaired injuries many times this day. The party is a very violent one.

Spent the night in the Haunted Halls.

Found scroll of Locate Object. Detected Magic. Found a woman in stasis and a sword to be highly magical.

Knocked down stasis walls around woman, Maiior. Detected magic boots and bracers on her.

Found the light, stone Warhammer Gairloch now carries.

Fought a mummy. Had to Cure Disease on Gemmabink and Kerun.

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