Character Profiles: Gairloch Stats

Gairloch Ironheart's background was posted a few years ago. Here are his stats to go along with it:

Race: Svirfneblin Class: Specialty Priest of Grumbar (Earth)

Age: 76 Weight: 85 Height: 3'7" Sex: M Hair: Bald Eyes: Grey Level: 7

Str 15 Stamina 13 Muscle 17
Dex 10 Aim 10 Balance 10
Con 12 Health 14 Fitness 10
Int 10 Knowledge 12 Reason 8
Wis 18 Intuition 18 Willpower 18
Cha 9 Leadership 9 Appearance 9
Perception: 13
Luck: 1
Fate: 3

Weapon: Maul +2, Light stone warhammer

Armor: Full plate, Shield +2 (a scale of a black dragon), Helmet

Gear: 2 belt pouches, chalk, flint & steel, gem cutting implements (jewel hammer, chisel, polisher's rag), pitons (11), rope (50'), sacks (1 large, 1 small), small hammer, travel cloak, sturdy leather boots, earth-toned clothing.

Backpack: None?

Miscellaneous Items:  Stone covered ruby (his lucky/rubbing stone), Scarthuzolous' Scale (black dragon scale shield, -2 AC bonus, +4 to saving throws vs acid), maul +2 that allows Augury 3x per day, rock medallion holy symbol that allows 1 extra healing spell per level.

Wealth: 642 gold, 145 silver, 35 copper, 25 platinum

Optional(Skills and Powers)
Racial Abilities: Dart bonus, Freeze, Infravision, Melee combat defense bonus, Mining detection ability, stealth if not in metal armor, weapon specialization
Traits: Keen sense of smell
Disadvantages: Forbidden from air-based flying magic and effects
Class Abilities: Casting time reduction, Saving Throw Bonus, Summon 1 8-HD earth elemental 1/day for 1 hour, Wizard Earth School Spells.
Kit abilities: Mixed in above
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Gem cutting, Read/Write, Read Elemental Earth Spells, Religion, Sculpting, Singing, Stonemasonry, Languages: Common, Dark Elf, Earth Elemental, Gnome, Kua-toa, Svirfneblin, Undercommon.
Weapon Proficiencies: Maul, shield
Weapons Specialist: Maul
Weapon of Choice: Maul
Major Spell Spheres: Elemental Earth, Combat, Healing, Protection
Minor Spell Spheres: Divination, Elemental Fire, Elemental Water, Necromantic, Traveler, Wards

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