[D&D 2e] Eveningstar Campaign 28

My Character
Gairloch Ironheart - Svirfneblin Priest of Grumbar

Jemmabink - Gnome fighter

(Patchy previous notes)

Gairloch Ironheart, svirfneblin, Loyal Architrave of Grumbar, recent conqueror of the sunlight, and survivor of the Haunted Halls, and knower of nothing regarding forests, was cordially asked to help with the Eveningstar Harvest Festival tree-chopping contest. He was to aid the butcher, Ebbard Highsong.

The competitions were going well. Gairloch used his blessings from Grumbar to dig holes for posts so the locals could chop them down. There was also an incident where a person's axe bounced off the tree and into the competitor's leg. Gairloch had to pray to Grumbar to heal the wound.

And, at one point, Gairloch could have sworn he saw Jemmabink zip by, riding a giant wolf, sitting behind a lady in full armor.

Early in the afternoon, all hell broke loose. Clouds rolled over the town unnaturally fast. The sky darkened. The ground rumbled. Gigantic heads appeared in the distance. Trouble was coming to Eveningstar, so Gairloch summoned an earth elemental.

Lord Tessaril appeared with Jemmabink and a lot of other people he had never met, including some of her Purple Dragon soldiers. She led a charge toward two giants, three trolls, and ten bugbears that were coming across a nearby field.

Melee was entered in a jumbled confusion. Nobody seemed to need Grumbar's aid at the beginning, so Gairloch took up his maul and followed his earth elemental through the charge. There was blood, ringing of weapons on armor, shouts of pain, explosions of magic, and arrows appearing on giants seemingly out of nowhere. The enemy charge was met, halted, and destroyed. The townsfolk at this battle site were winded, yet barely wounded.

The group returned from the outer field to the town proper and found the Temple of the Morning billowing smoke. The church of Illmater was on fire.

The party spoke to the head priest, Charys Bond, and found out that the focus of the attack had been on the church. Twenty two priests had been killed by giants, trolls, bugbears, death dogs, vampires, and a powerful sorcerer. Eventually the attackers were repelled, but not before leaving a wreck of a church behind. The head priest was able to resurrect and raise a few of his dead, but many priest did not arise from the attack.

The only clue behind the attack was a Zhentarim symbol left behind. Lord Tessaril and King Azoun were sure to have tasks for our group in the coming days.

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